Solving Tax Problems

Ernie Neve, CPA

October 16, 2019

Question: Why should I use a tax resolution specialist? Can’t I deal with the IRS myself and save money? 

Answer: You could opt to represent yourself before the IRS. There is the offer-in-compromise program. Some people do go that route. But representing yourself before the IRS is like going to court without a lawyer. I wouldn’t recommend that. Or, you can hire someone that knows all the ins and outs and navigates the IRS maze on a daily basis. You can hire someone who can protect you and your rights. 

Once you sign a power of attorney, a document that says we are representing you, the IRS is not allowed to contact you directly any longer! When the IRS knows an experienced, competent tax resolution professional is working your case, they know you are serious about resolving your tax problem. 

The only professionals that can represent you before the IRS are attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents. So, should you go to any CPA, or enrolled agent to handle your IRS tax problem? I think it’s best to say you should go to a specialist in tax resolution to handle your IRS difficulties. 

Did you know that The Neve Group are experts in tax resolution? We have a special division of our business called Solve Your Tax Problem TODAY. We help taxpayers with their IRS problems every day. contact Ernie Neve today from the Neve Group at 610-278-8900 or visit  

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