Ernie Neve Shares a Lifetime Plan For Your Money

May 9, 2015

Making your money last long enough is a lifetime’s work. I did some thinking, and I offer you these major money milestones everyone should observe:

20-30: Learn to invest, and start putting some money into a retirement account.

30-40: Keep planning for retirement. If possible, buy a house. Start saving for your kids’ college.

40-50: While still saving money, spend some of it to enjoy life. Talk to your parents about their finances to avoid unpleasant surprises as they grow older.

50-60: Analyze your retirement plans to make sure you’ll have enough money to retire. Adjust your saving strategy if necessary.

60-70: Start collecting Social Security. Take
advantage of senior discounts. Put aside some of your savings for long-term medical needs.

70-80: Analyze your spending. Talk to your adult children about your financial situation.

80 and up: Make sure your will is up to date. Start earmarking possessions for your children, or handing off family heirlooms outright. Spend your money on items that help you enjoy your life and keep you healthy and safe.

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